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Ezviz Solar Charging Panel

Ezviz Solar Charging Panel

EZVIZ Solar Panel For BC1/BC1C Wire-Free Camera

Solar Charging Panel
Designed for EZVIZ Battery-Operated Cameras*
Connect your EZVIZ battery-powered camera to our Weatherproof Solar Panel to capture the sun’s free, clean energy – and enjoy year-round security.
-Energy-saving and Eco-friendly Solar Power Supply
-High Efficiency with Monocrystalline Silicon Cell Solution
-Up to 6.18 W of Charging Power for a Long-lasting Supply
-4-Meter Cable for Mounting Flexibility
-IP65 Weatherproof Protection for Outdoor Use
*Currently compatible with these models: CS-BC1C, CS-BC1-B1, CS-BC1-B2, CS-BC1-B3, CS-BC1, CS-C3A (Version C). The list of compatible models will grow as we launch new battery cameras. Please check for compatibility before purchasing.

Non-stop protection.
Made of single crystalline silicon solar cells, the Solar Panel delivers up to 6.18 W of power. It will max out on sunny days to make sure the battery camera has enough power to operate all day and night.

Weatherproof design.
Featuring a durable frame and stainless steel screws, the solar panel easily withstands rain, dust, snow and sun. Just mount it, leave it, and enjoy the sun’s continual power.

Flexible installation.
With an adjustable bracket that rotates 360 degrees and a 4-meter-long cable, the Solar Panel offers incredible flexibility. Mount your security camera where you need it, then find a sunny spot to install the solar panel. With 4 meters (13 feet) of cable, you will get the flexibility you need for great security and continual power.

Note: Images for reference only. Camera not included.

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