Protect Your Melbourne Premises with an Access Control System

Are you looking to enhance the security of your business with an access control system for your commercial building or office? IBEST Security Melbourne are here to help. As a specialist in business security solutions, we install and manage access control systems that ensure staff access to nominated doors, floors, and lifts in your business are managed quickly and easily. A reliable and robust access control system is an essential part to the security of any Melbourne building or office.

Access Control

When you choose a commercial access control system with IBEST Security you have the choice of numerous devices to suit your business needs. This includes: Biometric readers for door access control with fingerprint recognition, proximity card readers for staff and visitor access control, swipe cards and tags for area access control, PIN code keypad for door access control, remote controls for wireless entry access control. Each of these devices can be monitored and managed through specialised and easy to use access control software.

Commercial Security Systems Tailored to Your Business to Protect Your Staff and Assets

IBEST Security provide complete security solutions in Melbourne businesses when it comes to access control systems. We integrate swipe card access systems to work together with digital security cameras and business alarm systems. This will not only lock and unlock doors, but provide audit trail reports by area and visual verification from CCTV video and images in real-time. With an access control system in your Melbourne business you can also set specific dates and times in which staff can access specific areas using either swipe card access or individual PIN codes for keypad access. By having this kind of flexibility within your building or office, access is restricted to authorized personnel only. This ensures your employees and confidential business information are kept safe at all times. IBEST Security can design and install access control systems for your Melbourne business not matter how large or small.

Features of commercial building and office access control systems include:

  • Door access control tracking
  • User permission access control according to staff position
  • Access control event reporting capability
  • Access control via business critical or restricted areas
  • User access control permissions
  • Employee time and attendance tracking system
  • Control and report on users by area access events
  • Track the timing and attendance of employees,
  • Door access control for lift access
  • Building access control using ID cards
  • Avoid the need to change physical locks – access rights can easily be created and removed via PC

​We only supply and install the high qualityaccess control systems brand including Hikvision.